Do you know where your thermostat batteries are?

July 14th, 2011

Often times customers call with a concern about the thermostat.  The screen has gone blank and the heating and cooling equipment is not operating correctly.  Another popular questions is, "The home is not keeping temperature and the thermostat reads, low bat, why?

Do you know most thermostats have batteries?  Do you know where your batteries are and when the last time you changed them?  Most thermostats take AAA or AA batteries and some older models take a 9 volt battery.  We recommend changing the batteries in your thermostat when you check and change the batteries in your smoke detector.  Our technicians change the batteries when they are at your home for the semi annual precision tune up.

A small cost of about $5.00 to the homeowner can save you a $150.00 service call.  There are a couple very easy things homeowners can do to keep their equipment running efficiently and regular filter changes and annual battery changes are two of our top 10.

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